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Our Squad

Vivan is our chief-editor of who lead and guide in a righteous way. Shivani, Akul, Ishaan and Aarushi are most excellent and skilled staff who work behind the screen.

Vivan Editor
Shivani Author
Akul Author
Ishaan Author
Aarushi Author


  • Aarushi

    Aarushi loves to watch all kinds of films of Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood and all woods of India. She follows gossips, latest news of film industry. She reproduces the work of film unit have done during the making of movies to the public.
  • Akul

    Akul has done Post Graduate from the renowned Central University in India. He writes articles on education, changes to be made in education, technology in education. He joined our organization to bring the educational news to the readers.
  • Ishaan

    Ishaan possesses MBA with distinction. He has studied so many publications and conducted researches on Finance, Business. Now He has chosen our organization to write articles on Finance & Business and bring forth to readers.
  • Vivaan

    Vivaan has a vast and extensive background in Science & Technology with a Masters Degree in Science & Technology from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. Vivaan has worked with some of the best in the online media industry. He has also vast knowledge in Technology and Science. He has an in-depth knowledge of Technology and its latest updates. He reviews the latest gadgets, mobile phones, and other electronic items to choose best.
  • Shivani

    Shivani has wonderful knowledge on various topics viz. Technology, Entertainment, Education, Jobs and etc. With a purpose to bring the latest updates to everyone, she joined our organization.
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