ISRO GSLV Successfully Launched GSAT-6A Mission in Orbit

Indian Space Research Organization has successfully launched GSAT-6A

ISRO GSLV Successfully Launched GSAT-6A Mission in Orbit. ISRO GSLV Launch GSAT 6A Mission and placed the satellite successfully in orbit. Indian Space Research Organization has another great success. The GSLV F08 experiment from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR in Sriharikota, Nellore district, was successful.

Scientists have sent GSAT-6A through space vehicle GSLV F08 at 4.56 pm Thursday. After the rocket had departed from the launch platform, the satellite traveled for 17.46 minutes, left the satellite at a height of 170 km perigee, 35,975 km apogee. The GSLV experiment was successful in three stages and scientists expressed their happiness.

GSLV F08, which carries a GSAT-6 satellite, belongs to the GSLV Mark2 series. It is India’s the second largest racket ever developed. This is the 12th time to use that range racket. This carrier has a domestic cryogenic engine. This is the sixth time to experiment with the native cryogenic engine. The rocket experiments have been successful four successive successes since January 2014.

ISRO GSLV Launch GSAT 6A Mission

ISRO chairman Shivan expressed his elation to succeed GSLV F08 experiment. He congratulated the scientists who succeeded in the experiment and their family members. “We have planned 10 missions in nine months”, he said. This year, Chandrayaan 2 has been announced. This victory was dedicated to ISRO scientists.

This satellite provides Mobile Communications across the country through the ‘Beam Coverage’ facility. It will have an S-band in five spot beams and a C-band in a beam. An antenna that has 6 meters diameter for communications on the satellite, and a 0.8 m fixed antenna for the Hub Communication link.

S-band is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It will be between 2 to 4 gigahertz (GHz) frequencies. The band is used in all radars, ships, and some communication satellites related to climatic conditions. 2.5 GHz band is used for 4G services around the world. So S-band is very useful. It’s worth hundreds of dollars. This is important for mobile broadband services.

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