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Nani Krishnarjuna Yuddham Movie Review. Nani is to make sure that the movie is entertaining. In the course of his selection of stories … in acting … in the middle of the day has never been disappointing. A simple film will also be taken to his level of praise. That’s why the industry is also making bigger estimates on Nani’s pictures.

Plot: People who have no blood contact are Krishna (Nani), Arjun (Nani). Krishna is from Akurthi, Chittoor district. He wants to love every girl who appears in the village. Arjun is a rock star in Europe. Most of the girls love him. Such Arjun fall in love with Subba Lakshmi (Anupama).

Krishna is also loved by the sarpanch daughter, Riya (Ruksar) who is from Hyderabad. Meanwhile, these two love stories are an unexpected turn. What’s that turning point? Are these two love pairs alone? Or not? It should be seen on the screen.

Nani Krishnarjuna Yuddham Movie Review

This is a very simple story. If the first half of the scenes are humorous .. in the second half there will be a real story. Though the initial scenes are plain, as the story progresses, the Krishna character, his riot, will tell the smile of Chittur slang. On the other hand, Rockstar Arjun sounds like a playboy. Nani is not impressed in that role. The story turns out to be just a matter of entertainment. Two heroines and heroes are involved in the same problem.

The story goes to Hyderabad and then raises interest. However, the lack of strength in the second half of the film is a bit of a reaction to the film. The original story is to save the girls who loved them. The film seems to be slightly stretched, as there is a lack of entertainment in the story and the lack of material in the story. From the beginning to the end, Nani’s performance in Krishna’s role adds to the film.

Nani casts in two roles but loves in Krishna role. The entertainment that accompanied his friends in the town is a lot of fun and funny. The heroines both look beautiful. To the extent. In the first half, Brahmaji, actors like Nani’s friends, Devadarsini as Subba Lakshmi pinni and Prabhas Sreenu were smiling.

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